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Portfolio of Vidhu Sharma

London-based content strategist, copy editor and spoken word poet with a diverse portfolio of award-winning corporate and creative projects

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Hi, I'm Vidhu
You may know me as BananaSharma

When I was a child, my dad would turn off the radio in the car and tell me to present the rest of the show by finding interesting things to talk about from outside the window. I think that's where I first observed and felt the power of words. My mum championed my curiosity and sent me to creative writing classes where I started writing poetry.

I quickly jumped from the page to the stage and I took on any opportunity to share my rhymes at open mic nights on the London spoken word circuit. Soon enough, I was studying English at university and performing regularly around the country, and places like Dubai, India and South Africa.


My career led me into content production and marketing. My creativity found ways of merging my personal and professional pursuits. I've recently spent three years building George The Poet's digital presence and had the opportunity to lead award-winning content campaigns with global brands.

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Rajiv Chandegra
Founder, Tattva Press

Vidhu joined our emerging initiative in 2017 through her love for spoken word poetry and writing, and brought with her:- innovate ideas, the ability to execute on plans and empathetic nature. She has been an invaluable asset to us, as head of Tattva's public relations and social media strategy. There are inherent difficulties with new ventures, and Vidhu has fully appreciated these and implemented various solutions:- agile working, presentation performance, negotiation and is currently is working on an accelerator programme for personal branding. The combination of artistic talent with leadership acumen is indeed a rare trait, something that Vidhu possesses.

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