Vidhu Sharma



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Hi, I'm Vidhu.
You may know me as BananaSharma.

When I was young, my dad would turn the radio off in the car and tell me to present the rest of the show by looking out the window and finding interesting things to talk about. I think that's where my understanding of the power of words began. My mum then sent me onto creative writing classes, and I started writing poetry. Still fairly young, I went onto perform at open mic nights on the London spoken word circuit. Soon enough, I was studying English and university and performing regularly around the midlands and even internationally. My career led me into marketing and content. My creativity found ways of merging my personal and professional passions. As well as all things writing, performing and marketing, I mentor on arts programmes and make music with talented producers across the country. If you'd like to collaborate on a project or book me to speak or perform at your next event, drop me a line: hello@bananasharma.com.


Pravesh Kumar

Artistic Director, Rifco Theatre

Vidhu’s often political and lyrical spoken words touch your soul and move you. We invited her to open our 2nd British Asian Festival with a new commission ‘I am British Asian’.  Vidhu has been mentoring our Rifco Associate, Daya Bharj. The transformation in Daya’s confidence and performance has just been staggering. Bananasharma is one to watch, she delivers an alchemy of words.



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